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01. The Taurat and the Injeel... guide to mankind!
02. The People of the Book!
03. Glad Tidings from Allah!
05. That Allah might purge what is in your hearts.
07. Transgress not... the Sabbath
08. Allah’s Book
09. Eschew all sin...
12. Allah...created the heavens and the earth in six days
13. Who is the Comforter?
14. Kings from the East
15. Ibrahim, friend [Khalil] of Allah
16. How Job (Ayub) lost his health and his wealth
17. Can those hear who are buried in the grave?
18. A Prophet like Musa...
19. The Law and the Gospel ...as revealed in the Honored Qur’an!
20. How Hagar and Isma’il prefigured Maryam and Isa al-Masih
21. Why Allah rejected Ancient Israel!
22. Blazing Fire
23. Allah’s Throne... your heart!
24. How Hagar found Allah to be Gracious...
25. Healing the diseases of the human heart
26. Allah, the Holy One! Isa, the Holy Son
27. Allah’s Law as revealed in the Honored Qur’an!
28. If scholars lead their flocks astray, will only these false shepherds pay?”
29. The Rope of Hope
30. Jesus in the Qur’an: A List of Qur’anic References to Isa (Jesus)
32-A. The Raiment [Covering] of Righteousness part one
32-B. The Raiment [Covering] of Righteousness part two
34. The Love of Allah...in the forgiveness of sin
35. Pure and Holy Wine -or- The Wine of Babylon
39. The Eternal Home