Jesus in the Qur’an: A List of Qur’anic References to Isa (Jesus)

Bixmila-Hir Rahma-Nir Rahim Assalmau’ aliakum!

May the Peace and consolation of Allah be with you to be guided in the “straight path” Sura 48:20 al-fath

The Honored Qur’an has much to say about Isa al-Masih, over 90 ayats speak of Him and 15 Suras are devoted to Him. Here in this short tract are just some of the references about Isa and who He really is. May you be blessed by this study. “There to whom we have sent the Book, study it as it should be studied.” Sura 2:121

He was conceived supernaturally through a virgin named Mary and spoken into being (fayakun): Sura 3:47, 3:59, 19:20. Isa is like (is the second) Adam: Sura 3:59. Conceived by the Spirit of Allah (Rouh Al-Qudus): Sura 21:91, 66:12.

He is of Allah’s Spirit (Rouhana Allah): Sura 19:17, 21:91, 66:12. A Spirit of/from Allah (Rouh minhu from Allah): Sura 4:171. He is strengthened/led (ayyadhu) by the Holy Spirit (Rouh Qudus): Sura 1:87, 1:253, 5:110.

He was sent down (anzalata) from Allah: Sura Sura 3:53

He was sent from heaven (metaphorical in Sufi tradition): Sura 5:114-115. He is Allah’s son pure, without sin (zakiyyah): 3:46, 19:19.

He is near to Allah (muqarrabeen, a special place of honor), the ONLY one clearly given this position in the Qur’an: Sura 3:45. He is the mediator/noble/exalted (wajihan or wajih) now and hereafter (This was an exclusive attribute given only to Isa and Moses): Sura 3:45. He is intercessor (shafa’a); an exclusive right of Allah to grant: Sura 1:255, 21:28.

Allah gave him “favor” and prophet status “above others”: Sura 1:253. Allah blessed (mubarak) him wherever he was: Sura 19:31.

He was given wisdom and revelation of the Old Testament and Gospel: Sura 3:48, 1:136, 19:30, 43:63, 57:27. He has been given the secrets of the unseen (ghyab) (supernatural): Sura 3:44.

Allah made a covenant with him: 33:7. He was given authority to institute things previously forbidden: Sura 3:50.

Allah revealed His will to Jesus/Isa: Sura 4:163. Isa is the Word of Allah (kalimatu Allah) Sura 3:39, Sura 3:45, Sura 4:171

He showed signs (be-yinat) of Allah: Sura 1:253, 3:49-50, 5:114, 43:63. And Allah gave miracles to him: Sura 1:253. Miracles such as:

* power to breathe/create life from clay: Sura 3:49, 5:110.

* healing the blind and lepers: Sura 3:49, 5:110.

* power to raise the dead: Sura 3:49, 5:110.

* miraculously bring food to earth from heaven: Sura 5:112–118.

Allah’s favor was on him: Sura 5:110, 43:59

People plotted against him: Sura 3:54. He was called “liar” and was “slain” (taqutulun): Sura 1:8, 5:70. He died* (mutawafeka) and was resurrected from the dead (yum uba’athu): Sura 19:33. Then He ascended up to Allah in heaven: Sura 3:55, 4:158. {*is from the Arabic verb tawwafa (cause to die) while amutu is rooted in mata (died): Sura 3:55, Sura 4:159, Sura 5:117, Sura 19:33.}

Not only is Isa coming back on judgment day (yum al-qiyama): Sura 3:55, Sura 4:159, Sura 43:61, but he is also a sign of it. He also knows the hour of judgment: Sura 43:61.

He is a messenger/apostle (rasul): Sura 4:157, 5:75. A prophet (nabyyun) of Allah: Sura 19:30. A servant (abd Allah) of Allah: Sura 4:172, 19:30, 43:59. A faithful (shahid) witness for Allah: Sura 4:159, Sura 5:117.

He inspired the disciples (al-hawariyun) to have faith in Allah: Sura 5:111. Disciples are Allah’s helpers (ansar Allah) of the revelation of Jesus/Isa: Sura 3:52, 61:14. His disciples have power over their enemies: Sura 61:14.

We are ordered to obey (atee’uon) him: Sura 3:50, 43:63. We are ordered to believe (aamanou) in him: Sura 4:159, 5:111. Ordered to follow (ettabio’un) him: 3:55, 43:61.

His followers are superior (fawqua) to those who disbelieve: Sura 3:55. His followers are acceptable (true believers) (aamanou minhum) to Allah: Sura 57:27.

Isa is among the true prophets: Sura 1:136

To Him was given Inspiration: Sura 4:136

Isa confirmed the law (the ten commandments) sent before Him: Sura 5:46

Isa was taught b Allah, the Book (Bible), wisdom, the Law, and the Gospel (Injeel): Sura 5:110

Isa had the same religion as Noah, Abraham, and Moses: Sura 42:13

Isa is the mesenger of Allah: Sura 61:6

References of Isa say He is the Way, the Truth, the Life!

Jesus/Isa is the “way” (al sirat mustaqueem): Sura 43:61. Jesus/Isa is the “truth” (al haq): Sura 19:34. Jesus/ Isa is the “life” (Min Rouhina): Sura 21:91, 66:12.

In Isa you can find the truth, the path of righteousness, and the meaning of life!

He is the straight path (siratun mistaqueem): Sura 3:51, 43:61.

He is the Word of Allah (kalimatu Allah): 3:39, 3:45, 4:171.

He is the gospel or good news: Sura 3:45. John the Baptist confirms Jesus/Isa as “Word”: Sura 3:39

He and Allah are Lord (rab): 9:31.

He is an example to the children of Israel: Sura 43:57.

Peace (salaam) rests on Him: Sura 19:33.

He has no vanity or wickedness: Sura 19:32.

He is not overbearing or miserable (jabbaran shaqiyyan): Sura 19:32.

He is righteous (saliheen): 3:46, Sura 6:85.

He was a clear sign (be-yinat, meaning “clear and without doubt”) unto men (all mankind): Sura 1:87, 19:21, 21:91, 43:61.

He is called the messiah: Sura 3:45, 4:157, 4:171, 4:172, 5:17 (twice), 5:72 (twice), 5:75, 9:30, 9:31.