30. Jesus in the Qur’an: A List of Qur’anic References to Isa (Jesus)

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Jesus/Isa is the “way” (al sirat mustaqueem): 43:61.
Jesus/Isa is the “truth” (al haq): 19:34.
Jesus/Isa is the “life” (Min Rouhina): 21:91, 66:12
Spoke from the cradle: 5:110, 19:24, 19:29–33.
Conceived supernaturally through a virgin named Mary and spoken into being (fayakun): 3:47,
3:59, 19:20.
Conceived by the Spirit of Allah (Rouh Al-Qudus): 21:91, 66:12.
Of Allah’s Spirit (Rouhana Allah): 19:17, 21:91, 66:12.
A Spirit of/from Allah (Rouh minhu from Allah): 4:171.
Strengthened/led (ayyadhu) by the Holy Spirit (Rouh Qudus): 2:87, 2:253, 5:110.
He and Allah are Lord (rab): 9:31.
Is the gospel or good news: 3:45.
Sent down (anzalata) from Allah: 3:53.
Sent from heaven (metaphorical in Sufi tradition): 5:114-115.
Is the Word of Allah (kalimatu Allah): 3:39, 3:45, 4:171.
John the Baptist confirms Jesus/Isa as “Word”: 3:39.
A son pure, without sin (zakiyyah): 3:46, 19:19.
Had no vanity or wickedness: 19:32.
Not overbearing or miserable (jabbaran shaqiyyan): 19:32.
Is righteous (saliheen): 3:46, 6:85.
Near to Allah (muqarrabeen, a special place of honor), he is the only one clearly given this
position in the Qur’an: 3:45.
Is mediator/noble/exalted (wajihan or wajih) now and hereafter (This was an exclusive attribute
given only to Isa and Moses, who interestingly, were the two covenant presenters): 3:45.
Is intercessor (shafa’a); an exclusive right of Allah to grant and assumed for Isa (according to
some Sufi interpretations): 2:255, 21:28.
Is the straight path (siratun mistaqueem): 3:51, 43:61.
Given the secrets of the unseen (ghyab) (supernatural): 3:44.
Allah’s favor was on him: 5:110, 43:59.
Allah gave him “favor” and prophet status “above others”: 2:253.
Allah blessed (mubarak) him wherever he was: 19:31.
Given wisdom and revelation of the Old Testament and Gospel: 3:48, 2:136, 19:30, 43:63,
Allah revealed His will to Jesus/Isa: 4:163.
Allah made a covenant with him: 33:7.
Is like (is the second) Adam: 3:59.
Called the messiah: 3:45, 4:157, 4:171, 4:172, 5:17 (twice), 5:72 (twice), 5:75, 9:30, 9:31.
Coming to attest the law: 3:50.
Given authority to institute things previously forbidden: 3:50.
A “mercy from Allah” (rahmatun): 19:21.
Was a clear sign (be-yinat, meaning “clear and without doubt”) unto men (all mankind): 2:87,
19:21, 21:91, 43:61.
Showed clear signs (be-yinat) of Allah: 2:253, 3:49-50, 5:114, 43:63.
Allah gave clear miracles to him: 2:253.
Given power to breathe/create life from clay: 3:49, 5:110.
Healed the blind and lepers: 3:49, 5:110.
Had power to raise the dead: 3:49, 5:110.
Miraculously brings food to earth from heaven: 5:112–118.
People plotted (against him): 3:54.
Called “liar” and was “slain” (taqutulun): 2:8, 5:70.
Died (mutawafeka is from the Arabic verb tawwafa (cause to die) while amutu is rooted in mata
(died)): 3:55, 4:159, 5:117, 19:33.
Resurrected from the dead (yum uba’athu): 19:33, (possibly 6:122).
Ascended up to Allah in heaven: 3:55, 4:158.
Coming back on judgment day (yum al-qiyama): 3:55, 4:159,43:61.
A sign of and knows the hour of judgment: 43:61.
A messenger/apostle (rasul): 4:157, 5:75.
A prophet (nabyyun) of Allah: 19:30.
A servant (abd Allah) of Allah: 4:172, 19:30, 43:59.
A faithful (shahid) witness for Allah: 4:159, 5:117.
Peace (salaam) rests on him: 19:33.
An example to the children of Israel: 43:59.
Inspired disciples (al-hawariyun) to have faith in Allah: 5:111.
Disciples are Allah’s helpers (ansar Allah) of the revelation of Jesus/Isa: 3:52, 61:14.
His disciples have power over their enemies: 61:14.
Disciples are witnesses to the truth of Jesus/Isa: 5:113.
We are ordered to obey (atee'uon) him: 3:50, 43:63.
We are ordered to believe (aamanou) in him: 4:159, 5:111.
Ordered to follow (ettabio'un) him: 3:55, 43:61.
His followers are superior (fawqua) to those who disbelieve: 3:55.
His followers are acceptable (true believers) (aamanou minhum) to Allah: 57:27

Used with permission: Mark Siljander “A Deadly Misunderstanding”

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