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1 The Taurat and the Injeel 1-The Taurat and the Injeel
2 People of the Book 2 -People of the Book
Glad Tidings from Allah 3-Glad Tidings from Allah
Ransomed with a Great Sacrifice 4-Ransomed with a Great Sacrifice
That Allah Might Purge your hearts 5-That Allah Might Purge Your Hearts
The Day the Trumpet Sounds 6-The Day the Trumpet Sounds
 7 Transgress Not the Sabbath 7-Transgress Not the Sabbath
 8 Allah’s Book 8-Allah’s Book
 9 Eschew All Sin 9-Eschew All Sin
 10 Hanif’s Guide to Saving Health 10-Hanif’s Guide to Saving Health
 11 Allah Revealed 11-Allah Revealed
 12 Allah Created 12-Allah Created
 13 Ibrahim, Friend of Allah 13-Ibrahim, Friend of Allah
 14 Jesus in the Quaran 14-Jesus in the Quaran
Raiment of Righteousness   Raiment of Righteousness Booklet
 Instant Creation  Instant Creation Booklet
 Hour of Judgement   Hour of Judgment Booklet
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